Craig has been writing songs all his life. He Craig Lackeybegan pursuing songwriting as a career in 1989 after taking a songwriting course from Hugh Preston at New York's New School. Craig has also studied Songwriting and Music Business at UCLA. Craig was a member and producer of the Texas based Gospel Quartet, Covenant in the mid-1980’s. In New York he wrote and performed as a member of the Hanford Allen Band and produced their album Smooth Sailing in 1990.



Craig has been the coordinator of the NSAI Los Angeles workshop since 1991. The workshop meets twice per month and has had over 400 attendees in the last 6 years. Guest speakers have included Pat Alger, Richard Leigh, James Dean Hicks, Jan Buckingham, John Ims, Wendy Waldman, Jenny Yates, Randy Sharp and many more.



Craig is from Texas. He has lived in Houston, Dallas, New York and currently resides in Los Angeles. He supports the songwriting community in Los Angeles by producing songwriter showcases, running the local NSAI workshop, working with the National Academy of Songwriters and encouraging songwriters everywhere.


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